We are here in 2019 and once again we had to deal with the ploys, machinations and shenanigans of President Donald Trump. Last time around we had him begin our introduction – this time too – the only good thing that happened this time around – the 800,000 Federal workers – Donald Trump held hostage can go back to work – and maybe soon – they all will be paid.

As one of the many Environmentalists, we are glad that more and more communities all over our Nation are looking forward to using Clean Energy – and with our automobiles we see more and more Electric Cars and all this and more is good to reduce the Carbon Footprint.

Climate change is here and we here is San Francisco experienced the adverse impacts of the "Butte Fire" – 40,000 homes were incinerated and 98 people lost their lives. To this day – many have NOT been able to build their homes – the red tape linked to the insurance companies, the many level to get permits – the stress of it all – is too much to bear.

I have been on the frontlines – for 40 years plus – fighting for our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health – more for those that are physically and mentally challenged. The fight has been a long one – that has inculcated in me the tenacity and fortitude to fight hard and make good things happen.

My webmaster Joel Skidmore met me at the San Francisco Presidio many years ago – and helped me to establish my website – then I moved to my blog and found it expedient to get up early the morning – frame my thoughts – and write on a topic.

If you scroll down you can read my blog – a more direct way to contact those that are with me – my renegade brigade – my dear supporters and like minded friends.

Our issues are the same – a little more complicated as the years go by – Quality of Life issues. I wish all of you the best of health and peace of mind on this journey – looking forward to a blessed and progressive – 2019.

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